Digital marketing internships


We have three (3) Digital Marketing Internship positions (please note these are not paid positions) available for final year students enrolled at a New Zealand tertiary institution.

The position will run for 12 weeks and provide an opportunity for growth while getting some real-world experience.

Skills you will gain:

  1. Digital Marketing experience including website development (using WordPress) and related Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  2. Project Management experience
  3. Online Collaboration and working in a remote Project Team
  4. Accountability and time management

You will need a laptop and internet access to be able to do this internship, but you can do it at your own time and location. Team meetings occur online using Zoom and/or Microsoft Teams.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Help create an awesome website to improve the lives of New Zealanders during trying times (Covid-19)
  2. Gain valuable work experience to add to your CV
  3. Get public recognition on the website for your contribution

Application procedures

  1. Write a “Cover letter”: Sell yourself to me in 500 words (max). Include the following information:
    – The languages do you speak and write (including HTML)
    – Are you creative?
    – Do you have experience using WordPress?
    – Do you think supporting local businesses is important?
    – Are you reliable?
  2. Send your cover letter and CV to

Residency requirements

New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents only (inc. Australian Citizens)